Hot Banana’ is definitely not an album to be missed. - Aydan Scott

D&D Sluggers

Receipts (DEMO)

Demo Version of the song “Receipts” by D&D Sluggers! LAST FM STYLE BABY!!! “Yeah, I can barely use iMovie” –...


D&D Sluggers Video Diary #3: First Performance

The Sluggers talk about their first performance with Susan Savia and Upstarts and Rogues. Also, an episode of the hit...


DDS Video Diary #2: Upcoming Stuff

After a catastrophic explosion in which the 24th dimension was annihilated, DDS was pulled back into their own dimension, subsequently...


Gloria (Demo)

Nixon’s all pissed.


DDS Video Diary #1: Our Equipment

Just the awesome crap we use to make the awesome crap we make.


Tired of Sex (Weezer Cover)

A little cover of Tired of Sex. For those with the finer tastes.


Just a little taste of what’s to come.

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