Hot Banana



“D&D Sluggers is the solo venture of Tim White, a musician that seamlessly blends electronic instrumentation with indie-rock inspired guitar work and pop-punk driven melodies. (The) songs are built at their core through a Nintendo DS and fleshed out with White’s infectious vocal melodies and simplistic yet rhythmically dense guitar work. Through a combination of loops and organic instrumentation, D&D Sluggers build brilliant and quirky tracks with minimal arrangements, but they’re liable to get you dancing along in no time flat.” – Grant Golden 


“D&D Sluggers’ songs layer a current of distorted guitar above the Nintendo madness, fleshing out … alt-rock tendencies. It’s easy, for instance, to imagine DDS as a sort of geek-rock Pixies… D&D Sluggers seem to have found an approach that offers more than 8-bit gimmicks and comic-shop in-jokes.” – Bryan Reed 


‘Hot Banana’ is definitely not an album to be missed. While more organic instruments are used than are present in most chipmusic, the blend of instruments in addition to D&D Sluggers’ vocal style are both phenomenal.- Aydan Scott