GOIN KAROKI ep.17 featuring soultron (ep.4)

Karaoke!! A night out on the town? Only in Wilmington. That’s right Wilmington Delaware. Right by the ocean. You idiot....


Q&A Vol.2 (ep.3)

You asked and I’m answering! This was very fun, let’s do it gain soon! Remixes featuring LUCIO and L.E.G.A.C.Y


INFO MOVIE #888 (ep.2)

Let’s have drinks with our new friend, Bettie!


Slam Jam (of the Year) | Chiptunes = #SrsBsns

D&D Sluggers manages to take a tried-and-true Quad City DJs track and throw into it various references from the secretly-required...

REVIEW BLOG 96.5 (ep.1)

REVIEW BLOG 96.5 (ep.1)

Let do a review! Shirt from Video Game Heaven (Eastern Virginia) https://www.facebook.com/VideoGameHeaven Thanks to Bryan from Half Empty Energy TankĀ for...